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Inspired by a Breitling model from the 1950s-1960s, the Chronoliner asserts itself as an authentic captain’s watch. In this post, I will introduce excellent watches fake Breitling Chronoliner Y2431033 to you.

Here I have some information about the durable replica Breitling watches to share with you. They have steel cases, bidirectional steel bronze bezels with 24-hour chronography, non screw-locked steel crowns, bronze dials, steel backs with two planes patterns and bronze leather straps.

On the dials of the 46mm copy watches, there are remarkable hour marks and hands with luminant coatings, clear white scales, 24-hour chronography scales matched with hands with red arrowheads, small date windows at 3 o’clock, white 12-hour chronography sub-dials at 6 o’clock, white 60-minute chronography sub-dials at 9 o’clock and white 30-minute chronography sub-dials at 12o’clock.




In summary, the well-designed fake watches are fully functional. Except the three sub-dials for chronography, the watches can tell the time of three places, including the 12-hour on the dials for local place, 24-hour on the outer sides of the dials for the second place and the 24-hour on the bezels for the third place. With the watches, the pilots can have better controls of time.




Since 1952, Breitling made Navitimer watches, they became the favorites of pilots and dedicated aeronautical enthusiasts. Recent years, Breitling have launched new Navitimer watches. For instant, the prominent watches copy Breitling Navitimer 01 RB012012 that we will talk about today.

The reliable replica Breitling watches with 70 hours power reserve have 18k red gold case, bidirectional 18k red gold bezels with slide rules, non screw-locked crowns, screwed in backs, panamerican bronze dials and Croco brown leather straps matched with tang-type buckles.


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